Concept of the rescue -amphibian

People are increasingly A drone looks like a board with screws. If necessary, the device falls flat on the water. The drowning can lie on him. The screws are immersed in water. Moving, they can deliver a person to the shore. In any case, a drowning man can hold out for a long time on…


Concept of the world’s first biodegradable car

The use of biodegradable materials has long been no news. Such materials are not only practically safe for the environment, but also cheaper on process of production.. Biodegradable materials are actively used to create disposable According to the developers, on the road trials the car moved with the speed of a bicycle. In plans, the…


Concept of Clothes from the future

Created by the “smart” T-shirt E-skin. It will be the first step to clothes of future.Xenoma Team, a company of modest size, created a curious T-shirt E-skin, allowing to monitor each movement of its owner. Areas of application of the gadget are diverse: training, treatment, rest and so on. The E-skin has You can connect…


Concept of prototype of the Robot Patrol

Future technology Concept of prototype of the Robot Patrol

Specialists-developers want to completely replace patrol policemen with robots. This project is very large-scale and has already received the name O-R3 Security. According to the developers, this device will work more efficiently, than people-policemen, as for various reasons they can make mistakes.
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Concept of Floating decomposable dragonfly bridge

The project of creating a bridge crossing through one of the tributaries of the largest Asian river Yellow River was ordered to English designer and architect Margot Krasojevic the government officials from Mongolia (Ordos district). The world famous architect showed a creative approach in solving the task, and the Mongolian government was presented with the…