Why governments are threatened by teens on TikTok

In Egypt, teenager Menna Abdel Aziz used social media to ask for protection after a sexual assault. She was arrested on a variety of charges, including misusing social media and corrupting family values. Two young women, Haneen Hossam, with 915,000 TikTok followers, and Mawada Eladhm, with 3.1 million TikTok followers) were also arrested for their…


WhatsApp utilise une fonctionnalité de recherche pour lutter contre les fake news

WhatsApp dark mode

WhatsApp lance un bouton qui encourage ses utilisateurs à faire une vérification sur un moteur de recherche lorsqu’ils reçoivent des messages qui peuvent contenir de la désinformation. La fonctionnalité est particulièrement utile durant la pandémie puisque de nombreux utilisateurs relaient des informations sur le coronavirus sans vérifier.

Source:: Presse Citron > Réseaux sociaux

What brands need to do if they want to break up with Facebook

Sean Clayton Contributor A 15-year digital media veteran, Sean Clayton connects brands with the data-driven intelligence solutions they need to drive growth. With more than 90 major advertisers and counting announcing plans to dump Facebook, a significant question lingers: Where will brands go next for their digital marketing needs? The case for the breakup is…


Twitter finally bans former KKK leader, David Duke

Twitter has confirmed it has permanently banned the account of David Duke, former leader of white supremacist hate group the Ku Klux Klan. Duke had operated freely on its platform for years — amassing a following of around 53,000 and recently tweeting his support for president Trump to be re-elected. Now his @DrDavidDuke account page…