The secret working out of Apple

Apple the first time began to develop and produce its own displays for its devices. Technological developments take place in an environment of secrecy, so for competitors MicroLED screens will become available much later than for Apple devices.Development is carried out at Apple’s secret factory near headquarters of the company in California and there are…

Concept of computer with the size of a salt crystal

Today, computers no longer occupy the entire room or the whole floor in the building, but the powerful hardware is still bulky by modern standards. However, IBM states that it will be able to correct the situation.Legendary American company IBM has created the smallest computer processor, the size of which is less than the crystal…

Concept of backpack for jumping Lunavita

Without Japanese inventors on Earth, life would surely have been boring and depressing! Only engineers from the Land of the Rising Sun are always able to come up with something such “useful”, but not suitable for our real life. At least, for most, the strange inventions are more likely to cause surprise, bewilderment, fun and,…

Concept of smartphone Motorola RAZR V4

The concept was presented by the developers of ARUN KS. They said that accepting the news about Motorola RAZR’s revival as inspiration, they developed the concept of the next smart smartphone, but call it the Motorola RAZR V4. This is an informal concept, but it is extremely interesting in itself.The new concept of the Motorola…

The fastest McLaren in history

Future technology The fastest McLaren in history

British company McLaren has distributed fresh teaser images of hypercar BP23 Hyper-GT, the official premiere of which is scheduled for this year. According to the developers, the novelty will be the fastest car in the history of the automaker.

Future technology The fastest McLaren in history

Future technology cars
Concept of electric hypercar



6 Inexpensive High-Tech Home Security Products

Home security is something all homeowners should think about, even if you feel safe in your suburban neighborhood. The threat of property crime is a big concern all around the country, and there are many things you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your home from criminals. In many cases, the cost of…