The future of furniture retail

Steve Davidson, vice president of Fortegra’s Warranty Product Group, details the unique challenges furniture retailers are facing as the consumer buying experience is in transition. Many, he writes, have been slow to adapt to the effects e-commerce has had on their industry.

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Les Bing Webmaster Tools authentifiables via Domain Connect

Bing proposait déjà 3 façons d’enregistrer un site dans ses Webmaster Tools. En voici un quatrième avec le système ouvert Domain Connect, si le site web est hébergé chez certains prestataires supportant ce standard… Bing a annoncé cette semaine qu’il était désormais possible de connecter un site à ses Webmaster tools via le système Domain…


DoorDash reveals details of its new tipping model

DoorDash announced last month that it would be changing its controversial tipping model. Today it’s revealing the basics of how the new system will work. Under the past model, Dashers (DoorDash drivers and other delivery people) were guaranteed a minimum payment per delivery, with DoorDash paying a $1 base, then providing an additional payment boost…