Google Play is changing how app ratings work

Two years ago, Apple changed the way its app store ratings worked by allowing developers to decide whether or not their ratings would be reset with their latest app update — a feature that Apple suggests should be used sparingly. Today, Google announced it’s making a change to how its Play Store app ratings work,…


Facebook stops blocking some blockchain ads

Facebook still won’t let you advertise for ICOs or binaries, and ads for cryptocurrencies and exchanges need prior approval. But a year after banning all blockchain-related ads, it’s reopening to ones for “blockchain technology, industry news, education or events related to cryptocurrency” without the need for pre-approval. The change could be a boon to an…


9 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts

Here is a nightmare customer service situation. You have written notes down in different computer files, napkins, notebooks and you don’t have all details in one place. You forget an important follow-up appointment. You don’t call the at the time you promised. Not good for longevity of your business, right? As a freelancer or a…


Enhancing the Customer Experience with IoT

The unique value of IoT data is that it reveals important consumer insights in the context of real-time situations. It largely takes the consumer out of the equation,
using artificial intelligence and automation to fix problems people don’t even know they have, or avoid problems in the first place.

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Collective #513

Making Future Interfaces: ES Modules Learn all about native ES modules, and whether it’s safe to use them today in this brilliant video by Heydon Pickering. Watch it This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads Modular CMS for any project Make any part of any web page editable for non-technical users. 100s of free, open-source…


Tips & Tricks To Hire WordPress Developer

Do you want to improve your existing WordPress website by integrating advanced functionalities? Are you willing to build an entirely unique new WordPress website with a customized set of features? It is the most crucial time when a business owner should go ahead and hire a professional WordPress developer. A number of website owners serve…