15 Best Ionic App Templates

With Ionic, creating a high-performance, cross-platform mobile app is as easy as creating a website. In fact, if you are a seasoned web developer who wants to become an Android or iOS app developer overnight, all you have to do is install and start using Ionic. I assure you, you’ll take to it like a…


Developer/Designer Page Layout Concept

View demo Download source Today we’d like to share a simple page layout concept with you. The theme of the page is a developer/designer portfolio where we add a special effect for revealing the “other” quality of the designer. When you open the demo, you’ll notice a kind of “glitch” effect on some words and…


IFAQ: Robyn Collinge, Content Copywriter

Get to know the faces and spaces that make up Usabilla in our Spotlight series. Next up to face our roulette of Infrequently Asked Questions is Content Copywriter, Robyn – who has a strong disliking for talking about herself in the third person like this. Name: Robyn CollingePosition at Usabilla: Content CopywriterNationality: BritishOffice Location: AmsterdamMandatory…


Crunch Report | Uber Might Have To Support In-App Tipping

Today’s Stories New York’s Taxi commission to propose in-app tipping requirement for Uber Google reaches $7.8 million settlement in its Android antitrust case in Russia Facebook issues statement after murder suspect shares video of shooting in Cleveland Instagram now lets you organize bookmarks into private collections Steve Jobs’ custom Apple I and other historic machines……


The Mercury Effect

Facebook hosted a murder. But for all the talk about content moderation, machine learning, flag-monitoring algorithms, the problem isn’t the platform, and it isn’t one that can be solved by the platform. That’s because the problem is people. Read More

Source:: TechCrunch > Social