[Tribune] Chine : l’engouement des détaillants pour les plateformes commerciales en ligne traditionnelles est-il en train de s’émousser ?

Alors que les plateformes traditionnelles sont toujours le choix prioritaire des détaillants pour toucher la clientèle chinoise, certaines marques se détournent de ce modèle traditionnel. Se lancer sur de telles plateformes comportent quelques désavantages. Le point avec Stéphane Rouquette d’Azoya.

Source:: EcommerceMag.fr – Solution e-commerce

Collective #288

Inspirational Website of the Week: Thaddé Méneur An interesting slideshow and some smooth effects combined with some nice typography. Our pick this week. Get inspired LayerSnap! Markup-based SVG Animations LayerSnap is a great open-source tool for a more user-friendly, markup-based approach to configuring SVG animations. Check it out CSSRooster CSSRooster takes your HTML code as…


Crunch Report: Prince returns to Spotify

Today’s Stories Prince returns to Spotify and Napster this weekend WhatsApp now supports two-step authentication Amazon’s Tap speaker gets a hands-free update in defiance of its name Beats X bring Apple’s wireless headphone tech to a tethered form factor Credits Written and hosted by: Anthony Ha Edited by: Joe Zolnoski Filmed by: Matthew Mauro Teleprompter:…


Why Do Hackers Prefer Health Care Records?

In recent years, hospitals and health care providers have transitioned from using hard copy patient data to digital records. Although digital documents create convenience and efficiency for medical professionals who need to share and receive critical patient information, digital recordkeeping also makes health care systems vulnerable to cyberattacks. Discover why hackers target health care patient…


Investors Snap up the wrong stock

In a case of mistaken identity, potential investors in Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, just caused a windfall for a tiny start-up instead. When Snap made the details of their IPO public on Feb 2, it caused a flurry of excitement. Potential investors began snatching up shares in SNAP Interactive Inc, which rose by…


Taming the Snoo: Playing with the Reddit API

Reddit is a social networking, entertainment, and news website where the content is almost exclusively submitted by users. According to this report, in February 2016 Reddit had 36 million user accounts, 231 million unique monthly visits, and 11.464 active communities. A recent study also showed that 80% of Reddit users get their news from there.…


26 Qualities of a Great Web Designer

It’s a highly competitive world and the market demands not only excellence in what you do – your core competency, but it also demands that professionals be good at many other skills related to your profession, in other words, market demands multi-skilled, multi-talented professionals who can multi-task. You may be great at what you do…