Top Podcasts for a Creative Mind

The Podcast. It’s the medium that certainly seems to be having a moment and, I mean, what’s not to love? From bite-size interviews to accompany your commute, to in-depth think pieces to ponder during a long weekend stroll, and with topics that span brows both high and low, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, when…


This replica Galaxy S8 icon pack is available for free for the next 12 hours

In addition to its chic design and stunning performance, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 also comes with the revamped Samsung Experience interface, formerly known as TouchWiz. Unlike TouchWiz that often attracted the relentless ridicule of regular consumers and tech aficionados, the new interface appears to have finally caught up with Samsung’s excellent hardware engineering. But while updating…


The Things You Can’t Do with WordPress

WordPress is awesome and we absolutely love it. There’s no better open-source content management system like it because even its closest competitors, Drupal and Joomla, are nowhere near in terms of user-friendliness of the interface as well as functionality. Because of this reason, more than a half of all websites in the world use WordPress…


The Mercury Effect

Facebook hosted a murder. But for all the talk about content moderation, machine learning, flag-monitoring algorithms, the problem isn’t the platform, and it isn’t one that can be solved by the platform. That’s because the problem is people. Read More

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The augmented reality gold rush is afoot

Who will be the Pixar of AR? Someone oughta be rounding up Hollywood special effects engineers and animated character designers to build an augmented reality content startup. This week’s launch of Facebook’s Camera Effects platform means there are suddenly 1.8 billion people waiting to be entertained by digital overlays on the real world. Read More…


Technical Standards on online Payments continue to pose risk to European e-commerce

Ecommerce Europe co-signs industry letter to Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis on the continued risks the EBA’s draft RTS on Strong Customer Authentication pose to the European e-commerce sector. The letter is an initiative by 19 European and national e-commerce, small merchants, start-up, ICT and digital technology, payments and FinTech, cards, and leisure and travel industries. Ecommerce…