SpriteKit Basics: Sprites

In this series, we’re learning how to use SpriteKit to build 2D games for iOS. In this post, we’ll continue our exploration of SpriteKit nodes, and learn about a special kind of node called a « sprite »—an SKSpriteNode. To follow along with this tutorial, just download the accompanying GitHub repo. It has a folder called ExampleProject…


SpriteKit Basics: Nodes

SpriteKit is Apple’s 2D game engine—a rendering engine built on top of OpenGL. It was introduced with iOS 7, and each subsequent release has brought great additions to the framework. With the use of textured sprites, a built-in physics engine, and the very powerful SKAction class, you can very quickly build functional 2D games. SpriteKit…


Retailers still face EMV issues

Recognizing merchants have encountered difficulty integrating EMV compliant payment equipment, credit card issuers have postponed chargebacks for fraudulent purchases on non-compliant equipment. Compliance, however, will benefit all parties by reducing credit card fraud.

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